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Just a few years ago, I dipped my fingers into the world of nails and nail art. As the world shifted gears due to the Covid pandemic, I found myself needing a change too.

Leaving behind my role as a full-time creative for the past
10+ years, I took a leap of faith into the world of nails.
My days began with immersing myself in YouTube tutorials (a huge shout-out to Kirsty Meakin!) even before breakfast, and
I started practicing on my own and my husband’s nails.

" I made the mistakes so you don't need to. #yourwelcome :) "

Soon, I discovered not just a knack, but a deep-seated passion for nail artistry, especially when it came to creating nail art. From obtaining my Nail Tech license to earning numerous certificates with Europe's premier nail instructors, I honed various techniques, ensuring I was equipped with the technical know-how.

While my technical proficiency was growing, my real love affair was with nail art - it was my signature, my stamp. My commitment to becoming one of the best artists was unwavering, fuelled by my love for the craft.

What began as a journey with A LOT trials and errors quickly transformed into a fully booked schedule two months ahead. My adventure in nail artistry is a testament to passion, dedication, and the power of always believing in what you do.

" I made the mistakes
so you don't need to. #yourwelcome :) "

" I made the mistakes so you don't need to. #yourwelcome :) "

Transforming the nail industry

Navigating the labyrinth of the nail industry, I understand the hurdles you face in seeking answers. I've been there - feeling the sting of competitive secrecy as professionals withhold their coveted insights.

But I see a brighter path. I believe in a world where the nail industry thrives on shared knowledge, where every nail tech contributes to a collective pool of expertise, and high-quality treatments represent a blend of a technical heart and artistic creativity.

Enter nailtechcentral - my vision to nurture and elevate the creative spirit within each of you. Whether you're an aspiring nail artist, DIY enthusiast, or a seasoned professional, I understand your passion. It's a fire that needs to be kindled, fueled and loved.

That's why I've created a vibrant learning space offering high-end online courses, dedicated to honing your skills and unlocking your artistic potential. Let's create, learn, and grow together!

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Officially licensed (+many more certificates)

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Too blessed to be stressed.

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